I am Jack Fielding.
Theatre Maker.

I am an actor, performer and theatre maker, currently based in Hull


My passion is performing and I have worked for a variety of different companies in a multitude of disciplines. I have worked as a story-teller, stilt-walker and puppeteer as well as undertaking jobs specialising in comedy, mime and acrobatics.


I also have a passion for making theatre in a variety of roles. As a maker, I am interested in integrating digital technology into live performance to tell a story and provide a unique experience. I have worked as a director, assistant director and stage manager as well as taking on various technical responsibilities.
(Yes, that's me in the robot costume.)

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Jack Fielding

I have been performing professionally since I was 11, beginning as a child actor with the RSC. Since then I have performed with a number of companies, ultimately training in Drama and Theatre Practice at the University of Hull.

I have been making theatre and live-performance work since 2011 as a deviser, director and performer. In 2014 I co-founded Brick by Brick Theatre with fellow performer-director, Jack Chamberlain.
I have always been excited about the physcial side of performance and have pursued a number of physical and circus disciplines including stilt-walking, aerial hoop and silk, fire spinning and acrobatics (most of these self-taught).